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What five questions do you need to think about to build 21st Century Skills?

To build capability in your business you need to start by thinking like an Architect. Here are the five questions you need to think about in the Architect phase.

1. What foundational skills will help you win in the 21st Century?


We are finding the ways to build the skills in the video below are always changing. People now want to take control of their own learning and be more “self-directed”.

We are seeing the best organisations use technology to provide a combination of Push, Pull and Peer learning.

2. What learning will you push?

Push learning is driven by the organisation (probably you) and typically involves competency frameworks, training needs analysis, development plans, formal training programs and a calendar of interventions all aimed at building organisational capability. To provide greater reach and make this cost effective, organisations are using e-learning, learning portals, webinars and virtual classrooms to push learning in a digital form.

3. What are you doing to enable pull learning?

Pull learning enables individuals to access courses, content and catalogues which they can “draw on” as required and on demand. To be a better alternative than Google, organisations are curating the very best content and making sure it is digestible, bite size and available 24 x 7. The mission here is to make it easy and fast. Filtering, searching, ratings, tags are all part of the armoury to make the right learning easy to find for the time poor learner in the 21st Century, who is no doubt on the go.

4. How are you facilitating peer learning?

Peer learning is the big sleeper and potentially the most powerful way to learn 21st Century skills. Learn from each other. Social learning is the new buzz. Organisations are providing the technology so learners can create communities of practice, can recommend and share, can discuss and can find expertise across the business. Tools like Yammer and LinkedIn are being embraced as part of the learning ecosystem and traditional hierarchies and structure cast aside as we lean on more organic development.

5. How are you integrating?

As an Architect you rarely have a “greenfields” site and need to design a solution which fits in with the existing environment. You have the same challenges in your organisation with an existing culture, traditional learning programs, performance management processes, assessment tools, existing technologies and systems.

We recommend you think like an architect and focus on answering these 5 questions to let the three forces of push, pull and peer provide the energy and momentum to build the skills needed for you to succeed in the 21st Century.

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Tom Richardson

Tom Richardson

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